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I love love that these are dark without being like ~twisted~ ~evil~ whatever portrayals.  Like, these are all straight-up moments from their stories but they’re haunting and sinister and wonderful.

Love these

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@robertdowneyJr Bros.

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i am constantly amazed by straight dudes but not in like a good way

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Kill the idea that naivety is an unforgivable flaw but cynicism is just wisdom, murder it, chop it up and serve it for dinner, I don’t care, just end this bullshit idea that it’s better to hate than to love and better to rot in miserable bitter resignation than to hope for the best.

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A new reference was created for to help untangle the braiding process!

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This WonderCon t-shirt is the nadir of sexist nerd culture humor.

OK, so we could talk about how this is indicative of the ingrained sexism in nerd culture and how it relates to the number of women who wind up getting harassed at sci-fi, comic, and gaming conventions, but seriously, instead, can we talk about how this joke doesn’t even make sense?

“I like fangirls how I like my coffee. I hate coffee.”

Who is the target audience for this sentiment, anyway? How tiny is the Venn diagram crossover for WonderCon attendees who hate women and coffee, and have really bad taste in shirts?


Can someone please name the shitstain booth that attempted to sell this shirt?

This offends me deeply on both levels.

I like my fangirls like I like my coffee. A LOT >:(

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  • Question: Sexual attraction patterns are set early in life and are very resistant to change. I'm generally not attracted to black women, and at almost 30, that's really unlikely to change. It doesn't make me racist, it just means I grew up in a racist culture, which affected me when I was a preteen, which I've consciously worked on overcoming. Berating people for being honest about something they have no control doesn't do much to further the goal of equality and just makes people more defensive. - Anonymous
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    Hey asshole, first of all, if you somehow think all black women are the fucking same, you’re fucking racist as shit, and the fact that you think you have no control over this, or can’t at least find the basic decency to shut the fuck up and be embarrassed about this terrible part of your racist brain, that’s what makes you extra racist. Who the fuck cares if racists get defensive, they fucking should, you idiot.

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica by vickisigh

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i was trying to finish commissions but then somehow i doodled mackieface instead?

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Never over it.

Never forget.


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